Wealth Management

LDIC is dedicated to providing long term growth of capital through a broad range of investment strategies for mid to high-net worth individuals, corporations, foundations and family offices.   Over the last 25 years LDIC has assisted our clients in meeting their financial goals and achieving Wealth Longevity. 

Investment Philosophy

LDIC offers a broad range of investment strategies and investment vehicles. Each strategy is designed with a goal of providing diversified market exposure, tax efficiency and long term portfolio growth balanced with preservation. Whether you are saving for your children’s education, a financial goal or your retirement, LDIC can assist you in achieving Wealth Longevity.

LDIC’s investment philosophy is to smartly manage each client’s investment portfolio by applying various strategies to, preserve wealth, manage risk and focus on long term growth. We focus on value creation and long-term returns. In an ever-changing macro environment we focus on uncovering value in the market by identifying leading investment themes that drive our performance. Our method relies on our experienced portfolio management team and open architecture business model that gives LDIC access to industry leading analysts from major Canadian and US banks and investment boutiques, in conjunction with leading edge technology.

Through careful understanding of our clients’ objectives and individual risk tolerance, LDIC develops and implements a unique investment plan to meet your personal financial goals. Our wide range of investment mandates allow us to blend our models to tailor your overall portfolio to meet your unique risk and return profile.

Partnering with a trusted investment management team allows you to focus on what you do best, while we focus on your Wealth Longevity.

Investment Strategies

LDIC offers seven unique model portfolios across multiple assets classes. Our model portfolios offer varying levels of volatility risk to accommodate a wide range of investment objectives. Investment selection and asset allocation parameters are specific to each model portfolio and provide our clients with reliable returns at an appropriate risk level.

Wealth &
Estate Planning

LDIC believes in the importance of assisting individuals in developing an effective wealth plan to meet their financial goals and manage life transitions, such as the move to retirement. The LDIC wealth planning process offers clients a comprehensive review of their current financial landscape, future income scenarios and a pathway to achieving Wealth Longevity. 

Investment Funds

LDIC’s investment funds provide investors and retail brokers with access to actively managed investment strategies at a competitive expense ratio.

Our balanced strategy, the LDIC Growth & Income Fund, offers investors access to diversification and growth and features a low initial investment.  Our alternative investment strategies, the LDIC North American Small Business Fund and the Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund allow access to specialized investments that can assist in meeting unique financial goals.