Investment Funds

The right investment strategy for you, your family and business. 

Our proprietary investment funds are formulated to leverage the discretionary management of fixed income products and equity securities that are listed, liquid, and North American-based. These funds offer alternative investment strategies to meet specific investment mandates.

LDIC North American Infrastructure Fund (Closed)
Code Class As at NAV ($) Fund Fact
DAM500 A (closed) 29-May-20 9.03
DAM510 F (closed) 29-May-20 9.56
LDIC North American Small Business Fund
Code Class As at NAV ($) Fund Fact
DAM600 A 29-June-22 13.65
DAM611 F1 29-June-22 14.20
Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund *
Code Class As at NAV ($) Fund Fact
A 29-June-22 11.95
U 29-June-22 USD 12.03
LDIC North American Growth & Income Fund**
Private Pooled Fund As at NAV ($) Fund Facts
Contact LDIC Inc. for more information at 416-362-4141.
* Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund Class A units are traded on the TSX; ticker MDS.UN
** Private Pooled Fund, weekly pricing
Source: RBC I&TS