Frequently Asked Questions

What account types does LDIC manage? What is the minimum size for an account with LDIC Inc.? Find the answers to these questions and more here!


What account types does LDIC manage?

LDIC manages a wide range of account types, including:

RRSP’s, LIRA’s, TFSA’s, RDSP’s, Professional Corps, IPP’s, Foundations, ITF’s


What is the minimum size for an account with LDIC Inc.?

We manage all size of investment accounts as our focus is on helping people build and grow their assets over time.

Our investment funds are available for accounts from $1000 to $250,000.

Our investment strategies and segregated accounts are available for accounts over $250,000.


Are my assets protected?

All assets are held in trust through our custodial agreements with National Bank Independent Network and BMO Nesbitt Burns.  LDIC manages your investment account, while your assets are protected under your custodian’s membership with the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).


What is a managed portfolio?

Discretionary authorization is provided to LDIC to manage a client account on a continuous basis through the signature of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Discretionary authorization allows Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) registered Portfolio managers to execute trades in a client’s account without first contacting a client.  Our OSC licensed Portfolio Managers ensure the client portfolio is in line with your selected Investment Strategy and risk tolerance at all times, and are able to take swift action to ensure your portfolio is protected in volatile markets.  LDIC actively manages all portfolios and clients can rely on their Portfolio Manager to conduct extensive research driven stock or bond selection that best meets their investment goals and risk tolerance.  A management fee is charged on a quarterly basis for the management of client accounts.


How can I track my investments and performance?

Online client portal access allows clients up to date information on your account holdings and performance.  The online portal may be accessed at any time.

LDIC also provides quarterly reporting package which is available in our client portal.

The custodian provides monthly reporting packages where there is trading activity in an account in that month.  If no trading activity occurs in a given month a quarterly statement from the custodian will be received.  Statements can be received electronically or by mail depending on preference.

LDIC clients have ongoing access to our Investment Managers to discuss our current market outlook or current events.  Our client relations team also is available to provide a prompt response to any questions, concerns or assist in reviewing your financial needs.

Your LDIC managed portfolio comes with truly personalized service.


Does LDIC hold mutual funds?

LDIC utilizes ETF’s or Mutual Funds for cash management or fixed income exposure purposes.  We also hold our own mutual funds.

LDIC North American Small Business Fund (DAM600 & DAM611)

Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (Symbol: MDS.UN)

LDIC North American Growth & Income Fund (Private Pooled Fund)


What fees do I pay?

A management fee based on the market value of your account is charged on a quarterly basis.  All mutual funds are excluded from fee calculations.  In addition custodial trade execution commissions apply.


There are no fees or penalties for closing your managed account.  A transfer out fee may be applied by the relinquishing custodial.

Please find all information related to our fees and calculating your fees here 


How do I deposit to or withdrawal from my account?

Funds may be deposited through a cheque or your online banking profile.

Funds may be withdrawal from your LDIC account at any time. Please contact the Client Relations team at  Due to trade settlement and bank processing timelines please allow for 5-10 business days for funds to be deposited into your bank account or for a cheque to be couriered to your home.

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