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LDIC Inc.'s Investment Funds

LDIC North American Growth & Income Fund
A private fund used to manage LDIC’s client portfolios to provide consistent income streams and long-term capital appreciation.

Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund
An actively managed, closed-end listed fund comprised of public and private North American issuers to provide long-term total return through distributions and capital appreciation.

LDIC North American Small Business Fund
Invests primarily in securities of small capitalization companies to provide long-term capital appreciation and income.

LDIC North American Infrastructure Fund
An actively managed investment fund to provide long-term capital appreciation and income by investing primarily in equity and fixed income investments.
February 19, 2016
Understanding Market Corrections
August 28, 2015
Stock market corrections are a normal part of any cycle. Unfortunately the cause and timing of corrections are virtually impossible to predict. The trigger this time was China devaluating their currency in an attempt to boost...

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