Managed Portfolios

Meeting your investment objectives.

Managed portfolios require a minimum asset size of $250,000 per account. They are developed to meet your individual investing objectives and needs. Our firm excels in providing this service and our team was developed to fulfill the requirements of these accounts. Clients that wish to invest through managed portfolios can expect a smart active management and a high level of care with respect to their account(s).

A management fee for service applies to these accounts based on the average monthly net asset value calculated per quarter.  Fees are calculated monthly and paid quarterly and are tax deductible for non-registered accounts.

Flat Rate Option
On the first $2 million 1.00% per annum
On next $2 million to $10 million 0.75% per annum
On amounts greater than $10 million 0.40% per annum


There is no exit fee charged if a client decides to discontinue their management relationship with LDIC. Once LDIC receives written notice of the closure, managed account arrangement would be discontinued effective the date we receive the letter.


We consider reporting as a valuable opportunity to maintain a close working relationship with our clients. In addition to monthly reporting from the correspondent broker where a client’s assets are held in trust, each client receives a quarterly report from LDIC. These quarterly mailings include the Client Holding Statement, the Rate of Return Report, the Quarterly Newsletter, and the Fact Sheet returns.

LDIC’s website provides online viewing for those clients who require more frequent updates.

We perform an annual client meeting to review your account. This provides us with the opportunity to review your portfolio in person, assess any financial or personal changes that may have occur, and help us assess whether your account objectives are on track towards meeting your financial goals.

The managed portfolio comes with truly personalized service.