LDIC North American Small Business Fund

Fund Objective

Notice of Change in Legal Structure and Termination

Invests primarily in securities of small capitalization companies to provide long-term capital appreciation and income.

LDIC North American Small Business Fund (DAM600 & DAM610)

The LDIC North American Small Business Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of small capitalization companies in North America. The Fund’s objective is to achieve long term capital growth by investing primarily in equity & debt securities of small cap equity issuers in North America. LDIC combines a “top down” and “bottom up” approach to the investment process. The top down approach uncovers broad investment themes with outsized potential for growth. The bottom up analysis generates specific trade ideas within businesses that have proven management teams, a core base of recurring revenue and robust growth prospects.

Code Class As at NAV ($) Fund Fact
DAM600 A 19-May-22 14.81
DAM611 F1 19-May-22 15.39
Quick Facts
Inception date: May 22, 2015
Management Fee: 2% for Series A and 1.5% for Series F1
Performance Fee: 15% in excess of target NAV
(The target NAV is 1+ the benchmark return, please refer to the Simplified Prospectus)
Portfolio Manager: LDIC Inc.
Distributions: Annually December (if any)
Minimum investment: $1,000 initial, $500 subsequently
RSP Eligible: Yes
Shorting Capability: 20%
Administrator: RBC Investor and Treasury Services
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Legal Counsel: Wildeboer Dellelce LLP


Risk Level

LDIC Inc. has rated this fund’s risk as medium. The risk rating is only an estimate by LDIC Inc. Generally, the rating is based on how much the fund’s returns have changed from year to year. It doesn’t tell you how volatile the fund will be in the future. The rating can change over time. A fund with a low risk rating can still lose money.

Investment Strategy Table

For a description of the specific risks of this fund, see the fund’s simplified prospectus.