LDIC North American Growth & Income Fund

Fund Objective

Notice of Change in Legal Structure and Termination

A private fund used to manage LDIC’s client portfolios to provide consistent income streams and long-term capital appreciation. Not available outside of LDIC.

North American Growth & Income Fund Private Pool (DAM100) 

LDIC has recently introduced a private fund which is currently used by LDIC in the management of client portfolios. The fund is not available to any other investors. The Pool is principally set up to provide a consistent income stream and long-term capital appreciation in a cost effective manner by investing primarily in equity securities, preferred shares and fixed-income investments within North America. Key consideration for Fixed Income investments include duration and credit quality and market conditions dictate where on these measures the Fund will be invested. The Fund may invest in Preferred Shares of both medium and large capitalization public companies and/or government issues within North America. Equity investments typically pay dividends and must meet minimum fundamental criteria related to management expertise, earnings drivers, dividend sustainability, and future growth prospects. Sector allocation is dictated by market conditions and an ongoing assessment of global macroeconomic conditions and future projections. The Fund has a monthly distribution at a target of $0.025 per unit.

Private Pooled Fund As at NAV ($) Fund Facts
Contact LDIC Inc. for more information at 416-362-4141.
Quick Facts
Inception date: May 2015
Management Fee: 1%
Performance Fee: N/A
Portfolio Manager: LDIC Inc.
Distributions: Monthly
Minimum investment: N/A
RSP Eligible: Yes
Shorting Capability: No
Administrator: RBC Investor and Treasury Services
Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP
Legal Counsel: Wildeboer Dellelce LLP


Risk Level

Investment Strategy Table