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Announcing the LDIC North American Energy Infrastructure Mutual Fund
May 03, 2013

North American Energy Infrastructure Fund Image

LDIC is thrilled to announce the launch of its first mutual fund, the LDIC North American Energy Infrastructure Mutual Fund. Building on our more than fourteen years of experience investing in energy, and its related infrastructure and recognizing a potential growth opportunity, for our clients and others, motivated us to develop this exciting new product.

Currently, North American oil prices are 75% to 90% of the global price (Brent Crude) and natural gas prices are as low as 30% of the price paid in Asia via liquefied natural gas shipments. Canada loses an estimated $35 billion of revenues from selling its oil and gas at these discounts. An estimated $100 billion will be spent on energy infrastructure over the next 5-7 years to enable North America to receive the world price for oil & natural gas.

Investing in the fund:
The LDIC North American Energy Infrastructure Mutual Fund may benefit individual accounts outside of LDIC Inc. as a means of participating in the energy sector while providing diversification.

Where appropriate, LDIC Inc. may rebalance a portfolio by replacing individual overweighed positions with the fund to ensure proper diversification and risk within the sector.

New LDIC Inc. managed portfolios may be allocated a proportional amount where appropriate.

Fund Key Features:

  • The fund is designed to provide long-term capital appreciation with the potential for income, by investing primarily in equity securities (including common shares and warrants) and fixed income investments relating to energy infrastructure and related companies, based in North America;
  • 3% payout yield (reinvestment option); targeting 4-5% internal yield;
  • Canadian & US listed securities: companies include pipelines, utilities, industrials; construction; railroads, energy services companies, and oil & gas producers;
  • 30-40 positions;
  • Actively managed portfolio;
  • Medium to high risk;

The LDIC North American Energy Infrastructure Mutual Fund offers LDIC the ability to maneuver efficiently within a large investable universe during the various phases of the spending cycle.

If you would like to know more please contact LDIC Inc. at 416-362-4141.